Review of ” The Beauty of Living Twice” by Sharon Stone

Overall: 3/5 star review!


This is the memoir of the actress, Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone has played in a lot of great movies over the last 2 decades, including Basic Instinct, Casino, and The Quick and the Dead.  She talks a lot about her upbringing in a rural town in western Pennsylvania. She also talks about topics such as her health concerns, her adoptive children, her humanitarian work, etc. This is a great read even if you are not a Sharon Stone fan.  

My Thoughts:

This is the memoir of the actress, Sharon Stone. I did not know that Sharon grew up so close to where I grew up and live today. She does not think very highly of the place that she grew up, but it is my home. I do not think her view of where I live is as accurate as she remembers. Although we are in Amish country, I do not think it is a bad place to raise a family and live.

Sharon Stone covers a lot in this memoir. Her life growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She also lightly touches on some of her movies. If you want a memoir that name drops, then this one is not for you. She talks about her stroke, adopted children, and her humanitarian work. She also discusses the #metoo movement and her take on it all as a working woman in the movie industry.

She acted like an entitled diva at times. Then would talk about her wonderful humanitarian and charity work. I would then start to feel good about reading the book, but then she would go right back to being a diva. Needless to say… if Sharon Stone went to Starbucks and the barista got her order wrong, watch out. But then after yelling and belittling them, she may go to an AIDS benefit to meet Madonna. That is how I felt while reading this book: mixed emotions to how to feel about Sharon Stone.

This novel was very scattered brain. It is not essays, but like a typical memoir. But I think she should have went with essays instead.


If you want to read a good memoir, skip this one. Everything that she mentions, you can read on Wikipedia about her.

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