Review of “The Dating Game” by Sara Desai

What a cute read! I did enjoy this one and could not wait for that happy ending!

Daisy is happy to be single. Liam is also happy to be single. Daisy hates Liam as he stood her up for her prom. Daisy’s family is constantly trying to arrange her marriage. Liam gets offered the family business but must get married and stay married for one year in order to inherit it. Daisy and Liam meet after many years. They devise a plan to get fake engaged in order to get his business and for Daisy’s family to leae her alone. Daisy and Liam think it is foul proof since Daisy hate him and Liam does not want commitment. Needless to say, things do not always go as planned! The writing just flowed.

This book reminded me of the movie “The Bachelor.” It is the same plot but different with the characters. At first, I thought there were too many characters. But the author did a good job at reminding me who everyone was. So what bothered me at first, really came to be not that bad in the end. I also laughed out loud a few times. I caught myself smiling when I read it too. It was just cute! I would recommend this book!

Let me make one more comment: The cover was so pretty!

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