Review of “The Dinner List” by Rebecca Serle

I am giving this novel a 4 star review.

I had just finished “In Five Years” and loved that novel! So I decided to read another book by Rebecca Serle. Her novels are so creative and thought invoking. This was no exception.

I was not expecting this type of novel. I say this every time that I read a novel by Rebecca Serle. This novel was not a humorous dinner party with celebrities. It was a mix of a romance, heartache, lost friendships, and healing. This book is fascinating and emotional. You will start to think who you would invite to a dinner if you could. This was such a creative and unique book that I will recommend it to people. Rebecca’s writing is superb. The character development was excellent! You learn a lot about how each person shaped and changed the main character. I enjoy a quick read, but this one sure does have you think a lot about it after you are done reading!

This novel was who you would invite to a dinner if you could pick 5 people, dead or alive. She chose her dad, college professor, best friend, Audrey Hepburn, and Tobias (ex-boyfriend). Through flashbacks, we see her relationship with Tobias and Jessica. We also see her heal the pain about her father. Additionally, there are small unexpected twists in the book.

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