Review of “The Edge of Falling” by Rebecca Serle

I am giving this book a 3.5 star review. This book just failed to deliver for me.

Caggie is a young girl who lost her sister in a tragic way. She is grieving and it is consuming her. Everything that she does or decisions being made is from her grief. She breaks up with her boyfriend, she is mad at her parents, she does not care about school activities, etc. She starts dating a boy that a lot of people disapprove of her seeing. The one thing that did not work in this novel was that I did not really know what was happening with Caggie. I know that she was grieving, but I really wanted to know more about her thoughts. I felt like this was an emotional story about suicide and grief, but it lacked all emotion in the story itself. The ending was very lackluster as well. I did like the overall plot. I think that with a little help developing the character’s emotions in the story, we would have a really great book here.

Overall, I think Rebecca Serle is talented. I have read two of her other books and really enjoyed them. This one just fell flat for me.

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