Review of “The Ex Talk” by Rachel Lynn Solomon

I enjoyed this book. I am rating this book 3.5 star review. The characters were adorable but the jokes fell flat for me.

This is the story of two co-workers that work at a radio station but are rivals. To save their public radio, they decide to pretend that they broke up in order to do a show called “The Ex Talk.” The radio series becomes an instant hit. But as these two get to know each other, they start to realize that maybe they are not so different after all.

I loved the diverse and cute characters. I really fell in love with the characters of this book! I also loved how they made the woman the more experienced lover. In typical rom-coms, it is typically the woman who is not experienced in sex. Also, the sex scenes were steamy- it did not “fade to black.” I also liked the radio/podcast aspect of it.

I did not like some of the banter between the characters; it felt off for me. I did not feel like the characters were compatible- likable, yes; compatible, no. I also did not find the jokes very funny. The only time that I laughed was when the dog was mentioned.

Overall, this book was a decent rom-com.

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