Review of “The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hill” by Robert Dugoni

I am giving this novel a 4 star rating.

I enjoyed the novel a lot. The plot was interesting and kept me reading. I read it in a few days! The beginning started out good. But as the book progressed, it slowed down. I loved the short chapters too. I also really enjoyed the characters throughout the novel.  

The novel was about a boy who was born with red eyes. He gets bullied. But it is mainly about his life growing up in a religious household, bullying, and becoming friends with people along the way.

There were some things that bugged me about this book. For example, how advanced in language Sam Hill was at 6 years old. But there were many other things that bugged me too. Another example is how women were portrayed throughout the novel. All the women were portrayed as either saints or women who slept around.

Overall, I did enjoy the novel. I would recommend the book.

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