Review of “The Holiday Swap” by Maggie Knox

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  4.5 star review


Cass and Charlie are twins. Cass lives in a mountain town and is taking over the family bakery. Charlie lives in L.A. working on a baking TV show. Charlie gets a concussion and cannot taste and smell. How can she win the baking show without her taste and smell? She calls her twin sister to swap lives with her to win. She will take over the bakery.

They swap lives, but things start to get messy. Cass falls for the doctor that treated Charlie’s concussion. And Charlie falls for a handsome firefighter. But the issue is that both the men think that they are the other twin. How could this go wrong?

My thoughts:

OMG this is such a cute story. You do not need to read this over the holidays to appreciate it. It is a rom-com. The Christmas setting is not a major focus on the plot.

I am an identical twin. I typically avoid any books about twins. I almost passed this one up. I am so happy that I did not. Do I believe that everyone would have been “fooled” by twins swapping lives? No. The people closest to me would know. I also think that I could never swap our careers either. I looked past that to just enjoy it.

This book reminded me a lot of the movie “The Holiday” mixed with Hallmark movie magic. I love the settings too. L.A. and a mountain town. The bakery and Baking TV show was also cute. This book is predictable, but also so much fun to read.

Now let us talk about the romance! I really enjoyed how each twin had something extra (breaking up with her ex and co-worker drama). But also how the two fell in love. I loved all of the characters. The only character that I kind of felt bad for was Brett. That guy just could not take a hint and move on.

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