Review of “The Journey of Coyote Sunrise” by Dan Gemeinhart

Review:  3.5-4 star rating


Coyote and her father Rodeo are traveling across the USA in a converted school bus. Coyote’s sister and mother died in a car accident. After the accident, they are hopping into the bus and never went back. But after talking to her grandmother, she discovers that the park is being torn down. In this park, her mom and sister buried a box full of memories. She tricks her dad to go back there so she can get the box. Along the way, they meet some quirky characters that go along on the journey.

My Thoughts:

I think the one thing that I did enjoy was Coyote and the quirky characters that they find along the way. I also loved the story of the kitten that she got too. I think the kitten was closer and understood her better than her dad, Rodeo. The cat at least knew she was missing when they left her behind.

I was not sure if this is the voice of a 12-year-old girl or a full-grown adult though. After a parent dies, I know that you grow u a little faster than an average 12-year-old, but come on.

I understand how grief affects people differently as my father died young. But….. there is something about the way that her father treats her when he finds out that she wants something that connects her to her mother and sister. I cannot imagine after my father passed away not having anything from your past. Her father was acting very selfish.

The book seems like a long journey throughout the county but one minute they are in Florida and the next chapter in Ohio. I did like the journey on the bus.

I think everyone has thought about just selling everything and living out of a bus…. Or maybe it is just me? But I did enjoy the journey and book.

Parents be warned there were some cuss words for a middle school book. They tackle topics homophobia as well.

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