Review of “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave

 4/5 Stars

Summary of review: 

A good domestic suspense novel. It is character-driven, decently paced, and a quick read.


One year into her marriage, Hannah’s husband disappears. He leaves her with his daughter (who does not like Hannah) with only one message “protect her” and a wad of cash for his daughter, Bailey.

Hannah begins to investigate why her husband, Owen, disappeared. But first, Hannah needs to figure out who her husband was. She goes in search for answers with her stepdaughter’s help/memories. Can they solve the mystery to who their husband/father is? Is it too dangerous to uncover the truth of who he is? Will they ever see Owen again?

My thoughts:

The plot to this domestic suspense novel (I would not call it a thriller) is very unique. It was an enjoyable read. I really enjoy mysteries! I did enjoy following the clues with the characters.

This was a character-driven novel. The characters were complex. I like characters that have flaws/faults. I also liked reading about the relationship between Hannah and Bailey. It is a struggle to develop a bond with a stepmom/daughter but then throw in there the added stress of the situation that they are in. It makes for a great story! I also enjoyed the flashbacks to Hannah and her husband, Owen.

The writing was great. The of  to this novel was excellent. I never got bored with the plot. The story was told in past and present time. But you got clues from the past that helps you figure out things as the characters discover them.

There were things that bothered me about the book. Like a 4 year old girl, remembering that certain details to finding her father. I do not think I remember too much other than through pictures/videos from 4 years old. But that one memory that she has end up being a piece of the puzzle that solves everything. But I got passed that quickly.


Overall a great mystery book. It had complex characters, an unique plot, and decent pacing.

Trigger warning: Loss of a parent

I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher (Simon & Schuster) through Edelweiss.

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