Review of “The Lost Husband” by Katherine Center

I am giving this novel a 5 star review. I debated to give it a 4.5 review, but I just loved the plot and characters so much. I just love Katherine Center’s writing style and characters.
In this novel, the main character loses her husband to a car accident and moves her family into her Aunt’s house. There she works on her Aunt’s farm and meets a man who has a wife that was also in a car accident. This is the story of grief, moving on, and love.
I wish that the fight between the Aunt and mom was resolved by the end of the story. That subplot was not wrapped up. It was a little predictable, but with any rom-coms, you need a little predictable situations. Even with all of that, I could not put the novel down. I wanted to know what was happening with the characters. Katherine Center always does a great job with character development and just likable characters. Any time that I pick up one her her novels, I just know that I will be reading the novels quickly just to see what happens. This novel was the same.

*Now I can watch the movie that just came out!

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