Review of “The Maidens” by Alex Michaelides

 5/5 Stars

Summary of review: This book is a very similar structure as Alex’s debut novel “The Silent Patient.” It is a slow-burn psychological thriller/mystery.


Mariana is a group therapist. Her husband died tragically while on vacation with her to re-kindle their marriage. Her only family left is her niece in college.

Her niece, Zoe, calls her to tell her that her friend has been murdered. Mariana goes to help her niece to the campus that she met her husband at. She immediately gets immersed in solving the mystery of this murder. She suspects a professor, Edward Fosca. Mariana begins to follow the clues… but is everything as it seems? Can she solve the murder before anyone else gets hurt?

My thoughts:

***I know that a lot of people had mixed reviews on “The Silent Patient.” I was one of readers who loved Alex’s debut novel! ***

This book was so good. I devoured each page/word! I love a good mystery/thriller. I also enjoyed following the clues and figuring out the mystery along with the main character in the book.

The tone of the book was atmospheric. It had an ominous feel to it, which coincides with the Greek myths that are discussed throughout the novel.

This novel was very similar to “The Silent Patient,” the author’s debut novel. There were times when I sat and pondered the similarities in structure. Furthermore, I loved the subtle references to “The Silent Patient” in the book. They were great little Easter eggs to find throughout.

I pondered several theories on the ending. I guessed only 30% of what happened at the end. I was screaming in my head at the main character towards the end of the book. There are two main things to discover at the end: who did this and why did they do this. I think both ended up being a twist at the end.

This novel was beautifully written. I also love how he writes in shorter chapters. The writing was addictive and thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat while reading a book. This rarely happens to me! This is a slow burn, as most mysteries are.

 The main character was complex. I really enjoyed reading her journey. She was grieving, her work, and following her through solving the mystery. We learn a little about her family, marriage, and work.

Conclusion: WOW! I really liked this book. I just could not put it down!  

A special thanks to Celadon Books for sending me an arc of this novel.

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