Review of “The Night Shift” by Alex Finlay

Review: 3-star review


Two timelines: 1999 and 15 years later

One of the characters is the survivor of an attack on a Blockbuster. All were left dead except for one girl. A suspect was taken and convicted of the crime. Fast-forward 15 years later, the same thing happens at an ice cream parlor. But the suspect has left jail and no one can find him from the 1999 attacks. The survivor of the 1st attack is called in as a physicalist for the one survivor in the new attack.  

My Thoughts:

This was a unique plot for sure. I think that is what attracted me to the book in the 1st place. It has very short chapters and some twists at the end of the chapters to keep you guessing.

I did not like most of the characters. The main POVs are a cop, therapist, and lawyer. All are connected to the crimes in one way or another. It also had the two timelines (1999 and 2014). Sometimes multiple timelines can be confusing, but this was executed very well.

I really thought that overall it was too slow for a thriller. I also felt as though the writing was off for me. I tried reading his other book (it was a DNF). I think I am just not a fan of his writing style.

I watch a lot of true crime, so this may be why my brain picks up on the loose ends in this book. I really cannot say all of them without saying spoilers. But the evidence, motives, and other things just did not all add up to me. I was hoping for closure at the end but was left with a few questions.

I must admit, I read some quotes to my husband. He was wondering why I was laughing. I asked him is this natural for someone to say this. I had a lot of eye-roll moments with the dialogue and/or inner thoughts of some of the characters.

If you are looking for a quick read on a basic thriller, then this is the book for you.

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