Review of “The Roommate” by Rosie Danan

  3 star review


Clara is from a wealthy family. Clara is an uptight socialite.  She moves to CA to be with her crush, but he leaves as soon as she gets there. She has a stranger as a roommate, Josh. Josh is a porn star. Sparks fly after a night of teaching Clara about sex.

My thoughts:

The description is misleading. This is not your typical rom-com. It has adult content. The description and cover makes it sounds like a regular PG rom-com book. A pet peeve of mine is when the cover seems to be misleading.

If you want steamy, then this is the book for you. I never read steamy, so this was not the type of book for me. Although the beginning of the book, it starts out like a typical rom-com. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the beginning of the book. But once I get over 40% of the book, I lost interest. It was hard for me to rate due to this. I really enjoyed it, but did not love it.

I thought the romance part was lacking. It appears that sex was the only reason why these two were together. They had some chemistry, but it was more lust. It was a roommate troupe, but also opposites attract. I did think their meet cute was cute at the beginning. But there is nothing but the sex that they had in common.

The main character whines throughout that her family shunned her aunt due to an embarrassing incident. They also expect a lot from her as being part of a wealthy family. About a little more than halfway through the book, this is not an issue anymore. She was a shy and not sexual knowledgeable to opening up a sex business with her porn star roommate- possible boyfriend. I mean, this is out of character for her. I like it when you can see a character change over through the course of a book. But it was just- turn the page and a whole new character.  

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