Review of “The Suite Spot” by Trish Doller

Rating: 4 star review


Book two of a series. A single mother loses her job in Florida. In order to get a fresh start, she moves to Ohio with her daughter to work in a hotel. When she arrives, she meets a man who has struggles of his own. He is starting a hotel and needs her help to complete it. They work together to start the hotel for the upcoming season.


Do not get me wrong with a 4 star review, I loved this book. I read it in 2 sittings.

The one thing that I loved was the characters. I really enjoyed their journey. I really enjoyed watching the characters change and grow as well. I really like how we have two characters that kind of grow and heal together. They are both on the island to escape something. I also liked how the main character was overweight, but they never dwelled on it.

It was not a fluffy rom-com. This dealt with a lot of real-world problems. When I saw the warning at the beginning of the book, I was a little hesitant to start the book. But I liked the book so much that I picked up the 1st in this series to read. I am not sure how she talked about such heavy topics and still made it into a light read.

This book can be a stand-alone, but they give away a lot of details of the first novel. The main character from the first book is the main character’s sister in this one. So the characters are mentioned and make a few appearances. But I read this book with no trouble understanding what happened to the characters. If you have a choice, I would read book 1 first though.

I also really liked it, because of how close this book is from where I live! This is a real place and all the details of the surrounding area is pretty spot on. Although, I cannot imagine moving from Florida to Ohio (usually people move there instead). HA

Trigger warnings: sexual harassment, divorce, child custody, loss of a child, grief, suicide mentioned

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