Review of “The Weekend Away” by Sarah Alderson

Review: 3.5  review


Orla just had a baby with her husband. She decides to leave the baby and go on a holiday with her best friend, Kate. Kate is going through a divorce while Kate is struggling with being a new mother.

They go on holiday to Lisbon. They are having fun, but then one morning Orla wakes up to find Kate is missing. She cannot find anyone to help her find her missing friend. She finds help with a taxi driver. She begins to remember bits and pieces of the night before. But she believes that she was drugged. As she pieces together the mystery of her friend’s disappearance, will it all uncover more truths.

My Thoughts:

This book was a little slow. There were times when the pacing was quicker. But for the most part, it was slow. I also found a lot of it rather predictable. I did read it quickly though. I think it would make a good thriller for a beach read.

I did have moments when I rolled my eyes. Some of the plot was a little too out there for me. Nothing in this book stood out to me. It will be forgotten over time. There were some twists and turns, but there was nothing that was too shocking.

The characters were well-developed. But I had problems believing some of their decisions of them. I usually do not like “Armchair Detective” novels. But I can see why they adapted this one into film. I just hope a lot of the eye roll moments and odd decisions of the characters were changed for the adaption.

I also found a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies. This was not my favorite thriller, but it was not my least favorite either.

Trigger warnings: Date rape drug, infidelity, death, Mysterious disappearance of a friend/loved one, etc.

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