Review of “Weather Girl” by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Overview: 3 stars


Ari is a TV Meteorologist loves her job. Her boss is the main meteorologist on the station. But she has not been too nice since divorcing her husband who also works at the station. It is a tense at work between the two of them. She teams up with her co-worker (sports reporter) to get them back together. But as she is working with her co-worker to make it happen….is that sparks between them?

My Thoughts:

I gave her other novel, The Ex Talk, a 3 star review as well. This is a very unpopular opinion, but I just did not care for the writing style. Nothing kept me interesting in the plot or characters.

I picked it up, since I love rom-coms. But about 40% in, I lost interest.

I did like that the main characters were Jewish. I also thought that they were cute. They were the best part about the book. I did not feel the “spark” or chemistry between the characters. I also liked how the main love interest was not your typical hot hunk. He had a dad bod .

I picked up the book because I thought the plot sounded interesting. It was still good, I just did not like the writing style or pace. The author tried to be funny, but I did not really laugh out loud too often.

It does talk about some serious stuff: depression, divorce, etc. You do not normally read about depression in a rom-com. The cover art was colorful and bright. I was not expecting that. I did like how the author warned the reader about it though.

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