Review on “Saint Anything” by Sarah Dessen

I am rating this book a 4-4.5 star review.

There was just something about this book that I loved! It was my first book by Sarah Dessen and will not be my last.

This book is about a teenager named Sydney. Her brother, Peyton, is the center of her parents world. He is in jail for a DUI that left a kid paralyzed. Sydney is reminded of this every where she goes. She decides to switch schools and meets new friends. With these new friends, she feels accepted and listened to. She even starts to have a budding romance with her best friend’s brother too!

Overall, the novel had the best characters. The details about each character just came to life for me. Each character was very complex and detailed. It deals with a lot of issues including family drama, friendship, not drinking and driving, etc. The story flows smoothly. The one thing that I wish I had more of was her relationship with Mac. I did feel like the ending was rushed a bit.

Overall, I will read more by this author soon. I really enjoyed this book. Her characters will not be forgotten anytime soon!

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