“Everything Is Ok” by Debbie Tung

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This is a graphic memoir novel. It is about the author’s struggle with depression and anxiety. She provides tips on her journey of self-care. She also talk about getting to the point of creating graphic novels as a way of combating her depression.

This book is heavy but done so in a light-hearted way. It is hard to talk about depression, anxiety, and social anxiety with a little bit of humor and light-heartedness.

After reading this book, I really had hope and joy. There were very dark times but it was also uplifting. It is hard to explain! I cannot believe how many of the topics that were brought up in the book resonated with me. I got teary-eyed but also felt understood throughout. Sometimes you feel all alone with your struggles until you read or talk to someone else who has been through the same thing. I really needed this book right now.

Her artwork was just excellent. I really loved how she depicted a lot of the things that I have been trying to describe to other people. What a great way of showing how the mind works when you have anxiety and depression. It looked as though it was painted with watercolors. The colors were all dull, but it added to the tone of the novel. I liked how the use of color was when there was a mood change in the book.

I found myself re-reading many pages. I cannot wait to buy a copy. It was truly a great book!

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