“Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between” by Jennifer E. Smith

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High school sweethearts are trying to decide before they leave for college to stay together or break up. This novel follows them for 12 hours before leaving for college. They do a tour of the town to re-trace their romance over the years. They evaluated their feelings for one another along the way.

This novel was very predictable. I almost did not finish it. But something compelled me to keep reading. It was a cute story, but it was also slow and predictable. It was very cheesy too. But it was a light and cute read which I was also expecting.

 The characters were the main reason why I kept reading. They were interesting and cute. I did want them to stay together after seeing how much time they spent re-tracing their romance footprints (so to speak). One thing that bothered me was the main characters being indecisive. But I know that was the basic plot. Maybe long-distance relationships did not work 10 years ago, but we have the tech today to make them successful. They were only going to be away from each other for a few months before coming home to see each other.  A few things really irked me about Claire’s character. The main issue that I had with her is her not deciding

The fact that the book takes place over 12 hours was unique. I enjoy the books over a day period. But typically there are flashbacks and things like that. I found a lot of the dialogue repetitive. The ‘will they or won’t they’ stay together. And the ending did not satisfy what I wanted at the end. I do not think the 12 hours worked for this book.

This book was character-driven and had a lot of dialogue. I heard that it is a Netflix movie. I think it would make a great movie!

The ending fell flat for me. It did not give me all the feels that it was supposed to do.  

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