“Home Again” by Kristin Hannah

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A single mother raises her daughter while becoming a heart surgeon. The baby daddy is out of the picture and is a movie star. His brother takes care of his brother's family. The movie star's brother does not talk to anyone in the family or his baby mama. He has a bad heart and the only surgeon is his baby mama. Should she introduce her teenager to her father? Can he even be a father…

This book was so predictable but also good. Kristin Hannah still was able to spin a great story regardless of me being able to predict every chapter. I read this book rather quickly. I decided to rate this book with a 3-star review. This book was too predictable and cheesy to rate it anything but 3.

The eye roll moments were plentiful. I mean there were way too many coincidences. It was very hard to keep reading, but I wanted to see how it ended. The book description did not describe this book as great. I mean come on…. It was a very bad Lifetime movie.

The character’s relationships really made this book. The relationship between the daughter and mom was the best. But there were even times when I eye-rolled reading about their relationship. I mean come on…  single mother goes to become heart doctor. Bad boy celebrity is her baby daddy. He has a bad heart and the only doctor to treat him is his baby mommy. His brother is a saint; no literally. he is a priest. I cannot tell you too much more without spoilers.

With any typical Kristin Hannah novel, you go through all the feels. This book did not. I mean at one point where I should have shed a tear or two, I just laughed. It was just so predictable. I told my husband about the plot, and he has the same reaction.

If you only have read this book by Kristin Hannah, please do not judge her based on this book. Pick up any of her other books, you will love them. I thought all Kristin Hannah novels were equal, and I was wrong.

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