Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

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Sydney lives with her best friend. She has a boyfriend and life is grand. Until she finds out that her boyfriend and best friend are sleeping with each other. Sydney cannot stomach living with her best friend while she is with her now ex-boyfriend. When Sydney was living there, she befriended a stranger (Ridge) who would play music outside her apartment. In exchange for helping Ridge write lyrics for his band, Sydney can stay with…

Colleen Hoover always seems like she sucks you right into the story. I read this book in about 2 days! This book was so easy to read. Colleen’s words just flow on the page.

The characters were so likable. But the relationships were all problematic. But I kind of like that about Colleen’s books. They are all real romances and not the fairy tale type that are not normally written about. I really enjoyed the characters. I mean I was happy for Ridge either person that he picked. I just did not want any of the characters to have hurt feelings. I also loved Ridge’s character. I liked how he did not let him being deaf stop him from playing music, communicating with Sydney, etc. A lot of novels depict characters with a disability as feeling sorry for themselves. Colleen wrote this novel where Ridge’s disability did not hinder him at all.

One thing that I did not like at all was how this book depicted women. It seemed as though all the women did something bad, called names, and/or made questionable and immoral decisions. The men were depicted as in the right (seduced or yelled at by the women). But I am being very picky here. I am sure that I was reading into it a little too much.

The ending did not do it for me. I felt like Ridge just settled with Sydney. He really wanted to be with Maggie. I did not feel the closure or that love connection between Ridge and Sydney. I think the only thing that they had in common was music. Maggie and Ridge had a history together. It is not the typical ending to a romance novel. But I think that is why I do love reading Colleen’s books; they are not your typical romance novel.

Overall, I enjoyed how this book was not a typical romance novel. I also loved the characters. But there were things that I did not like about it too.


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