Review of “Once There Were Wolves” by Charlotte McConaghy

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Inti goes to Scotland to introduce wolves. The introduction of the wolves is an attempt to restore their landscape and have it flourish again. Wolves were hunted to extinction in Scotland. She had successfully re-introduced wolves in other areas of the world and has been successful. But in Scotland, she is met with a lot of scared farmers who are resisting the wolves to their landscape. After a farmer ends up being missing, Inti decides…

I really enjoyed the first half of the book but felt like the last half was very slow. But overall, it was great. It was beautifully written as well. Some of the scenery descriptions were so detailed that I felt like I was there! I have to admit that I was not sure that I would like this novel, but it was very interesting. I caught myself talking to other people about it. Some of the topics discussed are trigger warnings for some.

The different timelines were interesting and kept the flow of the book. Knowing Inti’s childhood and into early adulthood helped to understand her decisions throughout the novel. I think the changing back and forth between timelines really helped to understand her as a whole.

The characters were very in-depth. You really got to know Inti’s point of view. It is also funny that wolves are terrifying to people. But the one thing that they should all be terrified of is humans. It is ironic how humans can judge a wolf by its teeth but not their fellow human (who is more dangerous). It is also interesting to read how the land will heal, but we also see Inti healing as well.

I love a book about our changing environment. I cannot wait until I read her first novel. I am looking forward to that!

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