Review of “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover

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Tate goes to live with her brother while working and in college. The next door neighbor is Miles, who has not been with anyone in years. Tate finds Miles annoying, but then grows on her. Eventually, Miles wants casual sex with no strings attached. Tate agrees to these terms, as well as not asking Miles about his past. Tate starts to have feelings for Miles, but he is not able to commit due to something…

I read this book in 2 days. I really enjoyed reading it. I think the writing just flowed perfectly. The characters were very interesting and complex.

This book is very spicy. I am not a spicy romance fan. But between the spice, this book has a lot more to offer. Every chapter had a sex scene.

It is very emotional; make sure that you have tissues ready. I cannot tell you the trigger warnings since it would be a spoiler. But I can tell you there are trigger warnings of death.

This book is told in 2 main perspectives, but a 3rd one that comes out of nowhere. It is actually quite a delight to have one chapter with a 3rd narrator!

I am rating this a 4.5-star review. Only due to a few issues that I had.

This relationship is very toxic. Miles uses Tate. She is his doormat. Additionally, there is steamy chemistry (lust), but no emotional bonding between the two characters. Miles is never happy. They only have sex when they are together. But they do not talk or have fun with each other. It makes it for me the reader not buying the ending. How can Miles just all of a sudden be over his grieving and obvious mental health issues. How does Tate even think that they can have a future together?

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