Technical Difficulties

I typically use the app to do all my blogging. Anytime that I log in before, I would click on comments. It would show me comments to approve or deny. This feature always worked. I have been checking them daily on the app, but it keeps saying that I do not have comments. When I logged in today on an actual computer (as it would not allow me to post a picture of a spoiler two days ago), I noticed a dozen (if not more) comments. I am sorry for not approving them or seeing them before today. You would think that if the app was not working, it would have given me an error message. With that being said, I will be checking the comments daily on a laptop. I am sorry about this. I had no idea until today that this was even an issue.

I may not be able to actually post pictures quicker to the blog as well. I was out of town all weekend and returned to work today. My reaction time to post spoilers reduces when I am at work. I am also sorry about that. I try very hard to post the books as soon as any one tells me that they saw a sticker OR if my sister/myself sees the stickers on a book. I also post rumors of a book sticker as well.

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