Tips for making the time and staying interested in reading

Some tips to read more and stay interested

  • Always carry a book with you. I keep a book on all media sources. I have one on my computer, phone, Kindle, physical books, etc. I have books by my bed, couch, car, etc.
  • DNF (Did not finish) is okay! I give a book until 20%. Then I always ask myself move on or give up for every single book. Life is too short to keep reading a book that you hate. It also prevents a reading slump. Do not worry about it, because we all give up on a book every once in a while.
  • Make a list or a new shelf on Goodreads for books that you REALLY want to read. This will always keep you focused. If you are in a reading slump, pick a book off of this shelf!
  • Listen to audiobooks on your commute, workout, mowing the grass, etc.
  • Read on your lunch break, waiting in a Dr.’s office, or just waiting in line.
  • Read before bed. It is known that reading before bed reduces stress. So put down the electronic device and sleep better by reading a book! I also read in the AM too. I will either read the newspaper or a chapter in my book before heading out.
  • Make daily or monthly goals for yourself. I have daily reading goals. If I miss a day, I read double or need to “catch” up. Monthly or yearly goals are also nice. But never really holds me accountable. I read for fun, I do not want it to be made into a chore. Never make goals that stress you out.
  • Try 2 or more books at once! Read my blog article about reading more than one book at a time.
  • Keep a reading journal.
  • Try reading a book out of your comfort zone. I have done that before and started to read other novels in that genre.
  • Try a reading challenge or bingo game. You can even create your own and treat yourself to buying a book or a pizza (like Book It Program)
  • Join a book club or just go online and talk about books.
  • Create a book reading space for you. I can read anywhere. But I also like the comfort of my bed or my hammock!
  • Only read books that interest you.
  • Skip watching tv and read a book. Read during commercial breaks.
  • Set reminders to read.
  • Ignore popular books if you are not interested in them
  • Limit social media time and replace it with books!

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