Update on reviewing books with stars

Previously on my blog, I wrote an article about ” How to Guide: How to write a review for a book.” I am adding to this article by explaining how I rate based on stars alone.

After reading a book, I ask myself a question: “Do I want to recommend this book to someone?” If Yes, I start the rating from 3 and higher. If the answer is No, I start with 1 and 2.

5 Stars: I loved it! I would recommend this book if anyone asks me in the
next few years on what to read. I either could not put it down or the story was well written, the characters were likable, or the plot intriguing! These books are “cannot put down” books. Something about them really stands out. Here the author has done something which I continue to think or talk about. I strongly recommend this book and I’ll look forward to other works of the author.

4 stars: I liked it. I could put the book down. It was well written, but
there was something about the novel that just did not make it a 5 star for me. There could have been improvements in the novel. I will still recommend these books, but will tell others like I liked it.

3 stars: The book was okay. The novel was average but satisfying. There may be one or two things that I liked about it, but something about it made it lower in the score. Sometimes with these books, it takes me longer to read, etc. I would tell others that these books were just okay.

2 stars: I did not like this book at all. There may have been one element that I liked about it, but to get this low, I would never recommend or comment about this book. I would have to barely get through it to rate a book this low. There was something that irritated me about this novel (holes in the plot, characters, etc.). I struggled to finish it but maybe put the novel down and picked it up a month or two later to finish.

1 star: I hated this book. I DNF or just barely got through it. I rarely
rate a book this low, but it sometimes happens. The book was problematic in terms of writing styles, inaccuracies or written without any strong base. I hated the novel so much that I almost DNF. But I keep reading to see what happens or due to the popularity of the novel.



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