Writing a Book

I am sorry that I have not been posting lately. I have been stressed out at work again. I have been having panic attacks again. I have not been reading this month at all. I am NOT ashamed that I am seeking help this time to control my panic attacks, how to handle situations with a certain co-worker, and a toxic work environment. I hope that I bounce back to my normal self soon.

In order to keep my mind from focussing on work, I started to write a book! I am not going to promote it on my blog. But ALL of my energy and soul went into this novel for the past month. I am in the editing stages now. It will be self-published. I am not for self-promotions online or on my blog though. I am doubtful that I will be posting it on here at all.

As a reader, there is always that longing to not only read but to create stories. I give authors a lot of credit, as the writing process is long and painful. But the ending of the final copy of the book is very rewarding. I am still in the very painful editing process right now.

I chose the genre rom-com, because it was light. I needed something upbeat to get me through my depression and anxiety. I started to write a book a few months ago (dystopia). But with my mind is dark right now, I needed something lighter to occupy my time. I may revisit that novel someday.

Thinking of all the hard work it is to write a book, I have always tried to make my reviews for other books as positive as I can. I focus on the good parts of the books, rather than all negative. I never rate a book below a 3-star review. And even if the book is below a 3-star, I rarely focus my reviews on negative parts. It has always been my style. I am generally a glass-half-full type of person. I also never talk about the MANY books that I pick up and never finish. I add them to a DNF pile with the hopes that someday I will read them again. I never post them for a review. If a book is really bad, I rarely post a review. I do not want my negative review to affect someone else from picking it up.

I may start to mix up my reviews a bit in the next few months. Try new genres and write more positive comments.

If you have a book that you published and want to share it. Send the link in the comments. Tell me about your experience writing your book.

Well, anyways…. Happy reading and writing, Book Nerds.

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