Book News and Book adaptions to TV/movies

Kiera Knightley will be starring in the adaption of “The Essex Serpent.” Al Roker production company is going to adapt Beverly Jenkin’s “Blessings” series into a TV show called “Hopetown.” This is about a wealthy African American woman who buys a childless town with the intention of turning it into a foster-family community. An Adaptation […]

Review of “How to be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings” by Sarah Cooper

I am rating this book a 4.5 star rating. This book is just so funny/ sarcastic  but also relevant to 2020. After noticing that it will be a CBS series, I had to pick it up. I just loved it! It is a “guide” to assist women with working with men in the workplace.  It […]

A new book club subscription

It will be a monthly book subscription for $25. It will have 5 celebrities or “luminaries” who will choose the books. The first round of celebrities are Stephen Curry Malala Yousafzai Susan Orlean Richard Branson Joseph Campbell Foundation Here is a link for more information on the book club.

Review of “Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women” by Kate Moore

I am giving this book a 3.5 to 4 star review. This book was very interesting. I rarely pick up a non-fiction book. But I really enjoyed this one. Not for the writing, but more for the knowledge about what happened to these women. It is about the heartbreaking story of the dial painting “girls.” […]

Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine YA Book Club and announced her 1st book

OMG! Reese Witherspoon is starting a YA book club that will announce a pick the middle of every month! Reese just keeps giving us great books to read! I am a fan of YA novels as well as adult novels. So this will be a treat! Here is her announcement. Here is her selection! I […]

Book news on TV/Movie adaptations and more

‘The Turnout’ will adapted to TV From Author Megan Abbott! Hulu is adapted a movie from Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood” LeBron James and Universal are teaming up for a movie of the graphic novel “New Kid,” by Jerry Craft. I read this book a while back and it was good! Candice Fox’s “Crimson Lake” is going to be […]

Happy National Book Day!

As many people know, I love books! I love reading, researching, browsing, discussing, blogging and just everything in between when it comes to books. Reading helps me escape from the world. With reading a book, I have traveled all over the world. I have learned about cultures. I have lived a 1000 lives and walked […]

Book News (What is coming to the big and small screens soon)

The YA novel ” They Wish They Were Us” Jessica Goodman is getting an adaption! Sydney Sweeney is producing and starring in this novel! Stephen King will be releasing a new book in March. It is a crime novel called “Later.” It is about Jamie Conklin, a boy whose unusual abilities could aid his single mom and […]

Sister Books (A list of books all about sisters)

After watching “Little Women,” it had me thinking about sisters. What books could I read about sisters. I have two sisters (I am also an identical twin…). “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott (HAS to be on the list) “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austin “My Sister’s Keeper” by […]

Amazon Celebrity Picks: Jessica Simpson This is not a direct link. Please type this into your browser. Amazon has celebrity picks all the time. This week it is Jessica Simpson! How cool?!?!?!?! Jessica Simpson selected: “The Book of Longings” “Normal People” “The Paris Wife” “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedoms” To see other celebrities and their […]

A new celebrity book club: Goop Book Club (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Another celebrity book club that started in May 2020! Gwyneth Paltrow is starting to recommend books monthly on her Goop website. I will have the celebrity book club guide updated here shortly. Here are her books selections thus far: July 2020: “Lot” by Bryan Washington June 2020- “Latitudes and Longing” by Shubhangi Swarup May 2020- […]

Review of “Rabbit Proof Fence” by Doris Pilkington

I am giving this book a 4 star review. I learned a lot about Aboriginals in Australia with this novel. It was an interesting read for sure. My heart was broken with these girls stories. Basically you get the history of Aboriginals from the time white settlers came to the girl’s trek through harsh Australian […]

Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club August Selection and complete list

Reese’s selection was “Everything Inside” by Edwidge Danticat. I was reading the guesses and the spoiler groups for this month. They were ALL way off with her selection this month. But looks like a good one! Here is a PDF of all her books from start to this month including other recommended books by Reese! […]