Book of the month (BOTM) checklist of all their books, book data, and this month’s books!

Here is a list of all the books in a checklist! I selected three this month! Rock Paper Scissors The Love Hypothesis ADD ON: The Night She Disappeared I am not sure if I will get the chance to read these this month. I have been in a little reading slump as of late. I […]

Review of “The Stranger in the Mirror” by Liv Constantine

Overall: 3 star review Summary of review: Fast-paced domestic thriller about a girl who has amnesia. Summary: Addison is getting married to a man of wealth. Addison has amnesia and cannot remember anything about her past life. She was found alongside a road years before with memory loss. Julian has been searching for his wife for […]

Review of “Final Girls Support Group” by Grady Hendrix

Overall: 3.5 star review Summary of review: Unique plot. If you like slasher movies, then this one is for you. If you hate gore, then skip it! Summary: Thriller: Fast paced: slasher movie references Final girls all get together with a therapist and try to sort through their fear to live a normal life. Lynnette is […]

Review of “Such A Quiet Place” by Megan Miranda

Overall: 2.5-3 star review  Summary of Review:  This is a decent and quick read. The plot although unique had unforgettable characters and the pace needed to be a little faster. Summary:  A murder takes place in a quiet neighborhood. The suspected and later convicted murderer is their neighbor, Fiona. A year later, the person who was […]

Review of “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” by Rob Lowe

Overall: 5 star review  Summary of Review: I was not a huge fan of Rob Lowe until I watched the TV show Brothers and Sisters. After watching the show, I picked up his memoir. I am very glad that I did.   Summary:  Rob Lowe writes a well-written memoir about his life and work (up to the […]

Reese Witherspoon- Hello Sunshine book club completed checklists update

Someone made a recent comment about my checklists! From now on, I will have three checklists: one with only YA, Adult, and one with both plus recommendations by Reese. Below are the updated ones. I will keep these up to date with any selection. Below are the checklists! Happy reading, Book Nerds!