Review of “Final Girls Support Group” by Grady Hendrix

 3.5 star review

Summary of review: Unique plot. If you like slasher movies, then this one is for you. If you hate gore, then skip it!


Thriller: Fast paced: slasher movie references

Final girls all get together with a therapist and try to sort through their fear to live a normal life. Lynnette is one of those girls. One of the girls go missing and it triggers Lynnette’s fears. Is someone targeting the final girls or is Lynnette paranoid?

My thoughts:

The pace of the book is fast. It has action! The ending fell flat for me. Typically with a slasher movie, as referenced quite often in the book, you have a shocking ending. But this one was not all that shocking to me. I also feel as though he could have been more unique with each of the finals girls. Instead it felt like he just copied old slasher movies. But I still enjoyed the Easter eggs dropped throughout the book of old movies! Even the names of each final girl was an Easter egg! So I guess the slasher references had its positives and negatives in my eyes.

The execution and writing was a little off for me. Although I enjoyed the plot pace, etc. The characters and some of the writing was so off for me. I had a terrible time telling the characters apart. Nothing set each character apart in my head.


Trigger warnings: Violence, murder, gore, etc.

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