Review of “The Stranger in the Mirror” by Liv Constantine

 3 star review

Summary of review: Fast-paced domestic thriller about a girl who has amnesia.


Addison is getting married to a man of wealth. Addison has amnesia and cannot remember anything about her past life. She was found alongside a road years before with memory loss.

Julian has been searching for his wife for years. She went missing and left her daughter. His wife’s name was Cassandra.

Could these two stories be connected? Who is Addison?

My thoughts:

Anymore when I think of thrillers, I know that I will have at least half of them be of memory loss. Although I typically do not mind it, because of the fast-paced or unique plots, this one fell flat for me. I was left rolling my eyes. I am not sure why this one out of the many amnesia books that I read was just blah.

At the beginning, I was really into the book. But then it just fizzled. I think this was in part due to the unlikeable characters throughout the book. There is no one really to “root for,” so to speak. I did enjoy the multiple POVs in the story. It kept me interested!

I think the final reveal was done too early in the book. The ending was a little too unbelievable for me.

Do not get me wrong, I really loved Liv Constantine’s last book. I would highly recommend picking that one up!


This book seems like it has mixed reviews. Pick it up and try it yourself.

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