May 2022

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Tom Felton’s new book

October 2022 Omg! Tom Felton wrote a book out Oct 2022. Gotta read this. Pre-ordering asap. I couldn’t upload the video. It was on tik tok.

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Review of “Along For the Ride” by Sarah Dessen

The characters were very well-developed. The characters (for the most part) are likable. It is a typical YA book where the parents are the ones with the issues. But I just wanted more from these characters. There was a lot of potential for this to be a great novel. I just thought it needed something Read more

My favorite short stories

In college, I took a short stories course. I really love to read a short. I think the authors are very talented to create a story so small but has the same effects as a novel. I really love shorts. Here are some of my favorite “Classic” short stories. The Read more

Reese Witherspoon’s new May 2022 pick is…..

For a printout of all her book as a check list, click here. Sorry I am at work today and a little slow getting this out. Hello-Sunshine-Reese-Witherspoon-YA-and-Adult-1Download This month was tricky. I think they are trying to eliminate the spoilers completely by discrediting and placing a fake stickers. I typically Read more

Other Celebrity May 2022 Book Club picks

This post will keep updating as the Book Clubs update their selections. The bigger celebrity book clubs are always on a blog post separately (Hello Sunshine-Reese Witherspoon, Jeanna Bush-Hager- Today Show, GMA- Good Morning America, Emma Roberts- Belletrist). Noname Book Club Audiacious Book Club C.B. Book Club LeVar Reads Now Read more