September 2022 Celebrity Book Club Spoilers

NOTHING confirmed yet. I will post any updates here. If you find out before me, drop me a comment. I can only confirm when I see them in the boxes being opened for display.

REESE WITHERSPOON- Hello Sunshine?????

As reported before, this picture appears on my Instagram. It was taken down. There are some fishy things about this post is that Reese never picks the same author twice. Leaks rarely come out this early too. Reese’s team has put out there a fake sticker on a book before. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED. I posted about this last month.

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  1. Kat | at | Reply

    Do you mean September not august? It is something I would have done as well.

    • Book Nerd | at | Reply

      Shoot! You are right. HA

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