December Celebrity Book Club Spoilers

I am just putting this as a place holder. I have yet to see any stickers. Although, I did see a sticker of one book online for this month. It is a possible spoiler that i will post on here.

Back in October spoiler, I posted this for a December spoiler for GMA. It looks like others have spotted the sticker.

Still nothing yet for any of the other book clubs. If you have spotted a sticker before i do, let me know. If not, I need to wait until I get some books in! 🙂

NOT CONFIRMED: I got a comment from one of my readers. She spotted a small “Read with Jenna” sticker on an older book, The Secret History. I have not put eyes on a sticker yet, but this would explain the lack of a sticker on a newer book. I am diving into this a little more. This was not a past pick.

I am not sure what Reese or GMA is yet. I have yet to see any stickers. If you know or see one, please drop me a comment. It drives me crazy when I do not know. HA HA HA

I would assume that Reese’s may be either YA or an older selection. I have yet to see a sticker on a book.

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  1. Diana | at | Reply

    The GMA pick is The Light Pirate. Chapters (Canada) has the sticker up on their website. I have a picture but I’m not sure how to attach it.

  2. Guest | at | Reply

    Not necessarily celebrity book club message, but would you be willing to do a post compiling Best Books of 2022 lists like Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and such?

    • Book Nerd | at | Reply

      I can!!!!! I can work on something like this for the end of the week.Thanks for the suggestion. I have been posting on this less and less lately. I need to get back in the groove again.

  3. Diana | at | Reply

    Not sure about this one since it’s backlist, but I just spotted The Secret History paperbacks with a small Read with Jenna sticker (and a fun bookmark!). I’m not sure if this was a previous pick, or if it’s her DECEMBER choice. Can send a photo if you like!

    • Book Nerd | at | Reply

      Interesting. That one was not her choice in the past. I will double-check that. But it has been out for a while. She usually picks new releases. But not saying that it is out of the possibility of choices. I will have to look into this a little further. That may be why no one has spotted a sticker yet. I do not usually order older books.

      • Kat | at | Reply

        It is the 30th anniversary of The Secret History. Could be doing the same thing Reese did last month. I guess bonus is I already have the book. Have I read it? No.

        Also happy thanksgiving.

        • Book Nerd | at | Reply

          Happy thanksgiving to you as well. I believe that I also have that book, but yet to read it. I would agree with you. I think that may be why no one has spotted a sticker yet on any new books.

          • Bert | at |

            I tried reading it about a year a go and DNF.

          • Book Nerd | at |

            Is it slow?

  4. Kim Rushia | at | Reply

    Jenna just announced her December book selection on Today Show -The Secret History.

    • Book Nerd | at | Reply

      Thank you to my reader who noticed that sticker for me! 🙂 I would have never noticed an older book with a sticker.

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