28 Days Later by Michael Alan Nelson and Declan Shalvey (illustrator)

I am rating this graphic novel a 4 star review.

What I liked about the book:

I loved the graphics! The colors were so vivid and the graphics were spot on.

I loved the overall plot. This story is set between the movies “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later.” It follows Selena and she is with a group of American journalist wanting a story. They hire Selena to go back into the infected area with them as their guide. Needless to say, the infected are still there as well as other dangers. I enjoyed this novel a lot. After “The Walking Dead” novels ended, I was at a loss.

Character development: I really started to care about the characters. We really got to know them, which is unusual for a book like this, which is why “The Walking Dead” novels did so well. Those novels really dove into the characters and made you care about them. Typically all they are is action. I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this book.

What I did not like about the novels:

I did not like how they portrayed Americans. I think they bashed Americans a lot through the series unnecessarily. I understand this novel was based out of England, but I felt like I was wrong being an American and reading this.

Also, some of the plot was ripped right out of other zombie related stories. Some of the plot was not original.

I want to point out that there are 6 volumes of this graphic novel.

Vol 1: London Calling

Vol 2: Bend in the Road

Vol 3: Hot Zone

Vol 4: Gangwar

Vol 5: Ghost Town

Vol 6 Homecoming

There is also an Omnibus which is all 6 volumes in one.

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