DNF books

We all have books that you DNF (did not finish). I hate not finishing a book once I start. I especially hate it when it is a popular book that everyone else loves. This last book that I DNF is very popular. I waited a long time for the book on Overdrive too. The book just was not doing it for me. If and when I am passed 30% of the book, I really need to talk myself into not finishing the book. I have invested so much time into it. I rarely not finish a novel though. This last book, I have not picked up in 4 days. So I know that I am forcing myself to read it.

One question that always comes up with me is “do you review a book that you DNF?” No, I do not. I did not read the entire novel to really review it in the way that it should be reviewed. I made a book shelf though on my Goodreads so that I do not pick that book up again. The book shelf is titled “DNF.”

Even after the decision is made to not finish a book, I sometimes keep that book instead of returning it to the library. I still have that feeling in the back of my head that I will finish it.

Lately, I have not been finishing a lot of books. I am not sure why I am not getting into them. Maybe it is the stress of the world around me or just some books do not speak to me.

Anyways, I think I am feeling guilty about all the DNF books on my shelf for 2020.

What makes your decision not to finish a book? What criteria do you use to DNF? Do you feel guilty? Let me know by dropping a comment here!

Happy reading, Book nerds!

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