April spoilers

Read with jenna
Same reeses but new c9ver art

9 thoughts on “April spoilers

  1. Anything spotted for Reese???

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I have not. Makes me wonder if and when it will be an older book

      1. Wow. OK. We will know Tuesday, I guess!

        1. Book Nerd says:

          I hope to spot a sticker or one of my readers before Tuesday

  2. I have heard people guessing that Reese’s book could be All We Were Promised or possibly Funny Story?? Also, The House on Biscayne Bay changed pub date from 4/9 to 4/2. If that ends up being her pick, I think it would be the first time she’s chosen a repeat author. I have no idea. Just relaying what I’ve heard! Has anyone seen finished copies of any of these?

    1. My library received two copies of All We Were Promised – neither of them had the Reese/Hello Sunshine sticker. They came from Ingram’s warehouse.

  3. Taina Ortiz says:

    Did some one see a resse sticker for the most fun we ever had

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