May spoilers

Read with jenna
See clue for reese
Reese’s pick
Oprah. Thanks to a comment!

19 thoughts on “May spoilers

  1. From Reese’s book club website, her novel choice will be released May 1… makes me think it’s an older title

    1. I am thinking the same thing…

  2. I feel like the spoilers are getting harder to spot each month. Especially Reese. I wonder why.
    Anyone have any ideas about what the May books could be? I was thinking maybe Ministry of Time could be GMA or Jenna’s. I haven’t seen any finished copies.

    1. Real Americans is Read with Jenna and Ministry of Time is GMA

  3. But would Reese have an older book two months in a row? Maybe, but I hope not.

  4. Jessica Irvine says:

    I found this one being released May 1. Totally has a Reese Pick vibe. Author bio too would make this a neat female author pick. The Bootlegger’s Daughter by Nadine Nettmann

  5. Nora Frank says:

    Its how to end a love story

  6. So, Reese’s may be “How to End a Love Story.” Do we know Jenna’s and GMA?

    1. Beyond the Bookends has The Ministry of Time by Kailiane Bradley as the GMA pick.

  7. Collection Development Librarian says:

    Read with Jenna is Real Americans by Rachel Khong.

  8. The Beyond the Bookends website lists “The Ministry of Time” as the May GMA pick.

  9. I see how to end of love sorry as being released at the beginning of April. Is this correct? If so I don’t think that would be Reese’s pick for May since the sticker would have already been on the book already and it’s too soon for a mass PB a release

    1. Book Nerd says:

      It seems as tho a lot of people are predicting this one. I have a copy of it already.

    2. It’s why she’s announcing may 1 and not the first Tuesday of the month

  10. So Read with Jenna’s pick is Real Americans? If so, wow! How did you get this source?

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I saw the sticker on a book.

  11. Reese’s pick is How To End A Love Story. Saw a sticker!

  12. Michigan Librarian says:

    There’s an “Oprah’s Book Club 2024” sticker on Colm Toibin’s Long Island.

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