August 2023 spoilers for celebrity book clubs

Sorry. I have been late posting recently.

Reese Witherspoon
Gma good morning america
Read with jenna. Thanks to Linda for the comment!

9 thoughts on “August 2023 spoilers for celebrity book clubs

  1. Am I alone in having no idea who Ann Patchett is? When I saw your post I went to put it on hold at my local library, and there were already 230 people ahead of me.

    1. Very established writer. Probably best known for BEL CANTO, DUTCH HOUSE and COMMONWEALTH.

      1. Book Nerd says:

        Yea. She is very popular and has won a ton of awards for her novels. All of her other novels are great! Bel Canto is my fave

        1. State of Wonder is my fave:)

      2. Thanks! I think I was mostly surprised because I feel like RBC *typically* picks lesser known authors so I was not expecting that many holds. I guess her picks this year have been a little morer random in terms of new vs established.

  2. Summer Sisters by Judy Blume appears to be Jenna’s pick

    1. Kara Rush says:

      How did you find out?

  3. I feel like Beyond the Bookends just takes all of your scoop and reposts it as theirs. You should post a red herring here and see if they do it again. 😉

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