July spoilers for celebrity book clubs

Read with jenna. Spotted two months ago


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31 thoughts on “July spoilers for celebrity book clubs

  1. What do you think about The Sunset Crowd from Karin Tanabe being a July Pick? I see the pub date was moved from July 25th to July 4th.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      This is on my radar to see if there is a sticker

  2. Do we think Excavations by Kate Meyers will be Reese’s pick? Her tour is WILD for a debut. Also, curious if it might be sunshine nails?

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I would have to agree. Been waiting for a shipment of books to see a sticker. Anyone see a sticker yet?

    2. Hello! Just spotted Sunshine Nails at my local bookstore, with no stickers anywhere, so doesn’t look like it’s a pick…

    3. Based on the comment here, I just looked at Excavations on Goodreads and some completely random reviewer said that it was Reese’s book club pick. Review was from 16 days ago, so who knows if true or not. Just thought interesting.

      1. Book Nerd says:

        That is interesting!

      2. Looking on Amazon, the first 10 “thrillers you might also like” are all previous RBC picks.

      3. I think she’s misreading where Goodreads is calling The Last Mrs. Parrish a Hello Sunshine pick due to lack of punctuation

        1. That could be it. I had to reread that twice myself. Is possible the review I looked at just skimmed it (after all, it isn’t really relevant information!)

      4. I just looked on both apple and Amazon and both have excavations being released on 7-11. Correct me if I’m wrong but Reese’s picks are normally announced on the first Tuesday. That said I just preordered it cause it sounds good.

        1. I think EXCAVATIONS is out 7/4? Idk, I just get ~vibes~ from it (Greek island-check, multi generation group of women-check, big summer energy-check) but then the RBC picks have been really unexpected recently, which I like! I don’t know. Kate Meyers just has a bonkers book tour schedule for a debut author and that makes me think her imprint is expecting a lift from…something.

          1. Excavations by Kate Myers is coming out July 4. There is another book called Excavations by Hannah Mitchell coming out 7/11 (her first pub since 2014). Based on the description and the review alluding to a previously selected RBC, can definitely see Myers’ being RBC’s pick.

          2. I wasn’t aware there was two books coming out with the same title.

      5. It’s no Excavations. No sticker at Barnes and Noble.

          1. Book Nerd says:

            Lol the plot does. I bet it is an older book at this point. Or maybe a ya one. But I didn’t see any ya with a sticker.

  3. Sticker spotted on Save What’s Left by Elizabeth Castellano for GMA book club. My local barnes and noble has it displayed.

  4. I really wish Reese would start announcing early like the other two clubs! Then preorders for authors would also increase.

  5. If you look on Amazon at the Kindle edition for Zero Days by Ruth Ware, there is a Hello Sunshine sticker. Based on that and the release date, I think Zero Days is Reese’s pick.

    1. No that’s definitely fake . The picture is lopsided and it says advanced reader copy on the cover .

  6. I see that The Last Ms. Parrish has the sticker on it!!!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      That was a pick from a long time ago

  7. CONFIRMED! It is YELLOWFACE by R.F. Kuang. Which is a great book!

    1. Book Nerd says:

      I did see that. It was released in May. So makes sense why they were trying to throw us off and why no stickers spotted

      1. thanks, as usual, for all of the updates and comments though! kind of glad it’s fairly new and wasn’t spoiled… because it really did feel like a surprise!

  8. Collection Development Librarian says:

    Reese’s AUGUST pick is Tom Lake by Ann Patchet

  9. Collection Development Librarian says:

    Patchett with two Ts

  10. August is Tom Lake for Reese and Family Lore for GMA.

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