Book Journals ideas

Here are some ideas on what do journal about with each book!

Character list and analysis

Your rating and average ratings

Settings (I keep a map and color them in where each book was set)


Page numbers


Favorite quotes


Comparision to an adaption (TV/Movie)

Steam rating (romance)

Who you would like see play the characters in an adaption

Reading goals


TBR list


Dates when you started and finished the book


Tracking the time that you read

Why did you read this book?

Any takeaways from the book?


Scavenger hunts

Genre tracker

Series tracker

Journal each chapter (helpful is discussing the book)

New words and definitions

Mood of the book

Monthly wrap up

Yearly favorite book bracket (like March madness)

Anticipated new books

DNF list and why

Track books that you bought

Track books that you lent out to others

Track due dates for library books

Artwork for the book

Favorites: character, scene, quotes, etc.

Book predictions

Would you recommend the book?

Sometimes you can find discussion questions or you can make up your own questions in case you were to ever discuss the book

Notes as you read

I use a combination of all the above when I journal. It helps with my reviews too. You can make them yourself, buy them with prompts to fill in, or buy printable pages. You can do a digital, paper, or even an app to journal. I prefer some printable pages and some I like to do myself. I also keep a few Excel spreadsheets and use online trackers like Goodreads and StoryGraph.

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