Review of “News of the World” by Paulette Jiles

I am rating this book a 3.5 star review. Overall, this was a good story. I cannot wait to see the movie with Tom Hanks! YAY!

It was about Captain Kidd and a 10 year old girl. The story is set in Texas after the Civil War. The young girl was kidnapped from a young age by the Native Americans. He is paid to take her home to her Uncle and Aunt. Captain Kidd travels to towns and reads the news of the world to a paying audience. This novel is about the adventure for Kidd to take the child home. The child does not speak English and Kidd bonds with the little girl on the journey to her new home. They run into all kinds of wild west adventures.

It was very well written. I enjoyed the plot and the adventures as a whole. Although a pet peeve of mine is a book with no quotation marks. I also wish we would have gotten to know the characters a little more as well. It was a character driven novel but I felt there were parts of it that I just wanted more. I also felt the ending was expected but also rushed. But overall, it was a good novel!

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