End of the Year Crunch Time (Reading Ruts)

OMG! How is it almost Halloween!?!?!?! I am nowhere near my reading goals this year. Stress has really made me behind this year. I am going to share some tips on getting to your reading goal this year!

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Read graphic novels (I personally love graphics)
  3. Read poetry books (It takes me longer to read poetry books than novels)
  4. Read shorter novels
  5. Read a great series of books
  6. Have the plan to read all your ARCs
  7. Read a book that has been turned into a movie
  8. Read an old favorite!
  9. Read different genres: mix it up a bit
  10. Revisit a school favorite. Adults can read YA too
  11. Read a fast-paced thriller
  12. Read an audiobook and bump up the speed. I like to read at a 1.75 when I read an audiobook. You can also multi-task doing this. And yes…. audiobooks count for your goal (everyone has their preferences, but I still count them- I normally have the physical book with the audiobook).
  13. In December (Crunch time), pick up a light and fun Christmas romance book.
  14. Read books that you DNF’ed. (I have a ton of them).
  15. Try a new author
  16. Read your TBR shelf (I am a sucker for a new book coming out- my TBR shelf is getting bigger and bigger)
  17. Swap a book with a friend
  18. Try a bookish game (Bingo)
  19. Read down a celebrity book club selections
  20. Motivation tools: Gain points for page numbers of certain goals. At the end of your points, you buy yourself a bookish gift!
  21. Join a book club or do a buddy read

The key to getting to your goal is reading! You can make reading a habit by simply reading at the same time each day. Reading before bed has many health benefits. Start there!

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