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I have not completed a How-To Guide in a long time. This is a how-to guide for Bookish First! You can grab ARCS (Advanced Reader Copy) of books this way!

I get awarded a lot of arcs through This is owned right now through Netgalley. I will give you a run down on the site and some tips!

Create an account:

  2. Sign-up
  3. Complete account information (Tip: Make sure you share links to all your accounts. Goodreads, Amazon, blog, etc.).

To review an excerpt (First Impressions):

  1. Sign in.
  2. Click on Books
  3. If they are a current weekly pick, you can click on the book. You can tell by the date. It will says “X Days until we close the raffle.”
  4. Once you click the book, you can read the excerpt.
  5. After you read the excerpt, on the same page you can review the book. (Tip: Every time that you review an excerpt, you get points towards just getting the book now instead of the raffle).
  6. Reviews have to be at least 200 characters. You will also have a few other questions about the book to answer including a star rating.
  7. Tip: Write about characters, book covers, your impressions, give it a rating, tone of the novel, etc.).
  8. Tip: your review does not influence them if you win or not. Be honest. You do not have to enter a raffle. You can uncheck the box.

If you win the book:

  1. You will get it in the mail from the publisher.
  2. Sometimes they come with special instructions to post on social media or where to review it at.
  3. When you go to review it, you will click on “Books”
  4. Find the book that you need to review.
  5. Then click on “Write your Review”
  6. Tip: Your review will have to be at least 700 characters. Do not comment on the writing/grammar. Keep the review clean, but write your opinion of the book.
  7. Complete the review of the book (you will get points for this).
  8. Hit Submit
  9. Then you will have the chance to link your other accounts with this review for extra points. Places that you can share a review from:

Amazon (300 points for sharing the link on the day of publication) , Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Powell’s, Thriftbooks, Instagram, and if you have a blog.

To see if you won a book or how many points you have:

  1. log in
  2. Click on My profile
  3. Scroll down to “Book to review because you won.”
  4. In this menu, you can also see books that you could win and reviews to share for extra points.
  5. You can also see how many points you have in this menu: You click on “Points Awarded.”

To get a book with your points:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the book for that week
  3. If you have enough points for a book, you will click on “Get It Now.”
  4. Your points will be deducted and the book will be sent to you.
  5. Tip: Do not enter the raffle and redeem the book. I have won multiple copies of a book this way. Sometimes they send you two and some time they do not send you two. But I have won two on several occasions.

Pro tip: Be as detailed as possible in your bio. For your reviews, be as detailed as you can be. For this review, you can also review the book cover as well. Let them know what you thought about the book description and the excerpt.


This is a great place to read and discuss books on the site. They also ask questions that are book related. You can discuss your Book Bingo in here as well. This is a great place for any book lover to discuss and engage with other book lovers!

Tip: You can review old books on their site as well for points. If you read one but you did not win it from their site, you can still review it. Make sure that you add the links to your other reviews on that book for more points!

You can also see future books to be offered for a raffle too.

Every Monday there are new books added for a raffle! The following Tuesday is winning time!

100 points for a review of an excerpt

2000 points to redeem for a free book

100 points for a review

They also add events where you can get additional points for certain tasks! They usually announce those in an email to you from them.

You can also get a Bookish Bingo card on their site as well. They also post these on their Instagram accounts.

You can only win one raffle a week.

Do you have any additional tips? Comment below!

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