How to Guide: Goodreads friends

How to make more friends on Goodreads:

  1. Copy your link to your profile and paste it into social media book clubs/groups.

To copy your link

How to make more friends on Goodreads:

  1. Copy your link to your profile and paste it into social media book clubs/groups.

To copy your link follow these instructions:

***I never use the app for this. I always go to a browser. So if you are using your phone, go to your browser and go directly to***

  • Go to Goodreads and sign in (if using a phone, do not get directed to the app- stay in the browser)
  • Click your picture to the far right. If you do not have a picture, there is a menu at the top right hand corner. One is notifications with a bell, one is messages, one is your friends, and finally the last one is your account icon. A drop down will occur.
  • Then click “profile.”
  • Your URL should read something like this:   (this is my personal link) you will see the web address, your id number, and then your name or profile name on Goodreads.
  • You will copy this link. If you are on a computer, just right click and copy. Phone (not sure how to do an IPhone), but an android, I click the top where the URL is showing then click the copy button (two squares that appear to be a copy of a paper). Then this is saved to your clipboard. You can then paste it in Facebook, send it as a private message, etc.
  • When people click this link, they will go directly to your page so that they can add you as a friend!
  • Another way of getting friends on Goodreads is the community section on Goodreads’ website. You can meet other people that share your love of reading, a genre, etc. I am part of many different groups on their website.
    • The community tab can be found on the top bar on Goodreads. The drop down menu shows “Groups,” “Discussions,” “People,” etc. You can meet a ton of new people on there.
  • Sometimes I will also start following or add a friend who has 1000s of book reviews. If I see a name over and over again in reviews, I may start following them. Then when other people search for “friends of friends,” your name may come up!
  • Check to see if anyone on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Goodreads Friends of Friends) is on Goodreads.
  • If you click the icon with the ‘three people’ on it (top right hand of your computer screen- this should be the same if using your browser on your phone) you will then see, in tiny print, to the right of the screen “Find Friends From.” You can click these links then it may prompt you to sign into the account on Facebook, Gmail, etc. Follow the instructions for each.
  • If using the app, Click the three lines to the far left. Then hit the button that says “friends.” You will go the bottom of the screen where you see a person with a plus sign beside it. Then you can “Add Facebook friends,” “find contacts,” etc. ***You can do a lot more in a browser than the app itself to locate friends though. ***

***Following and friending someone is not the same on Goodreads though. When you are their friend, you can see their progress, notes, etc. If you are following someone, you are mainly following their reviews. ***

What are the advantages of having more friends on Goodreads?

  1. Publishers and contests: You may have more chances to win a book if you have more of a following on Goodreads!
  2. Book recommendations are aplenty when you have 300 friends. Your “newsfeed” on Goodreads will constantly have books on it!
  3. Book buzz: You can see what books people are reading and raving about with good reviews. If you see a book come up over and over again, you can be assured that you know it is popular.
  4. Book reviews: Although, you can read a review for any of the books, it is nice that when you are friends with someone, Goodreads separates the reviews. You see your friend’s reviews before you see other people’s reviews! So if you have a person that is very similar to your reading and genre preferences, then you may enjoy reading their reviews of a book before or after you completed it.
  5. Motivation: Sometimes if I see someone with the same goal(s) with me for how many books that I want to read this year, it motivates me to keep reading!
  6. Street cred in the book community! I said it….You are too cool for school if you have over 100 friends on Goodreads! 😊

If you want to add me as a friend with the link above for me, feel free to do so! The more friends, the better!!!! Happy reading, Book Nerds!

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