July 2024 Spoilers

Sorry, I was on vacation and did not have access to the World Wide Web! LOL

Jenna already announced hers:

Oprah announced hers:


Reeses selection

Gma (thanks to one of my readers!!!

18 thoughts on “July 2024 Spoilers

  1. Maybe Reese’s pick will be “The Lion Women of Tehran?” Few of the reviews provided are by RBC Alumni. Just a thought, haven’t seen a sticker. I’m reading regardless

    1. Oh, can you post in comments about what is the possible lead for Reese’s?

      1. OH WOW, that was fast haha. I never heard of this one. I love the description of it. An old house with history and secrets is my FAVE GENRE. YAY you spotted a sticker quick and thank you, Added it to my library card!

        1. oh wait, it says release July 16th tho?

          1. Book Nerd says:

            I didn’t see the sticker. But my sister just told me this morning it was her pick. I will get more info here soon

          2. Book Nerd says:

            It is set for release July 2nd

        2. Book Nerd says:

          My sister had spotted it this morning but been too busy to post it.

          1. Oh I see it now, I was on the wrong page with the release date for a giveaway.. OOPS
            What an awesome sister you got! YAY

          2. Book Nerd says:

            I have been so busy with coming back from vacation so I am glad she spotted it

  2. I’m guessing The Cliffs by J Courtney Sullivan and the Liz Moore book The God of the Woods. Both publish 7/2.
    The Courtney Walsh book, The Summer of Yes, looks fun but might not be Literary enough?

  3. Where do you find these book releases

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Myself or from my readers

    1. Book Nerd says:

      There is no website. I see the stickers myself on books or my readers comment. 🤔

  4. The Love of My After Life, Kirsty Greenwood has a GMA sticker (I am a collection development librarian–our copy came in today for 7/2 pub). I can send pic.

    1. Book Nerd says:

      Not yet. I will make a new thread tho

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