Pick your next book from your TBR list with our free new app for Androids!

Our new TBR (To Be Read) book selection app is available for Android users in the google play store: Here. The app is great for keeping track of your To Be Read list by saving all of your book titles to your phone. When you are ready to read your next book just use the floating Play icon to have a random book selected from your list. Then the app chooses a random book for you after you scratch off (like a lottery ticket) the book. I wanted my husband to create me an app to help me select books that I bought. It is FREE too!

My husband made the app, so if you have suggestions for additions or other book-related apps, please leave a comment below.

Give our new app a try.

We will soon have an update where you can categorize your books too. So if you want a random book but only the ones that labeled “Thrillers,” you can do that. But this will be a little later on in the process. So expect some updates in the future.

Happy choosing/reading, Book Nerds!

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