Review of “The Collective” by Alison Gaylin

I am FINALLY caught up! Happy reading, Book Nerds!

  4.5 star review


Camille is grief stricken due to the loss of her daughter. Her husband and her are no longer together. She blames a young boy for her daughter’s death. She resents this boy as he does not feel any remorse or guilt over her daughter. He is moving on with his life with no consequences from her daughter’s death.

One day, she is invited to join a group of grief stricken people who (like Camille) have lost loved ones due to someone else. Each woman wants justice for their loved ones. This group of people begin to take revenge on the people (vigilantly justice).

When it is Camille’s turn…. She begins to think it this group is doing the right thing. She begins to dig a little to see who the members of this secret collective are. But as she starts to dig deeper, is her life in danger?

My thoughts:

What a great book. This was a fast read for me. I did not want to put it down. It was dark, had some twists, and had a unique plot. Thrillers have started to look alike lately. But this book really was refreshing to read.

I did not want to read it at first. I thought it was going to dive into child abuse and things like that. But I was totally wrong. Although her child dies, it was not as bad as what I was expecting.

The pace of this thriller was great. I did not want to put it down. I would recommend this book and already have to others!

I like it when the characters that you are rooting for are bad people. I know this sounds odd. But for the author to make a person doing bad things seem like the good person, it takes a lot of talent. Take for instance, Dexter or Walter White. You root for them even though you know they are bad people. She made me really want the main character to get justice for her kid. Her life was ruined after her daughter’s death, but the boy responsible was living his best life.

Trigger warnings: death of a child/loved ones, underage drinking/partying

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