Reflections on 2019

I love the month of December as a book reader. It is that time of the year, where I can reflect on every book that I read for the last year and figure out the books to read when starting the new year! I also always hit my goals how the amount of books sometime in the month of December!

As the month dwindles closer to the holidays, I will be posting my yearly summary (books that I loved, hated, and/or loved to hate). I may also talk about 2018 as well! Additionally, I tell you about some books that I am anticipating in the new year!

Other reflections from 2019: What I love about reading is the escape from reality. The last two years, I needed books in my life to save me from the craziness of the world around me. In 2018, I needed the books as a stress reliever. I can honestly say that between my husband, family, dogs, and books combined saved my life from the stress! I noticed the more stressed that I got at work, the more books that I would read at once. It was my time to go places in my head away from the daily stresses in my life. Then in 2019, books became a source of familiarity from the craziness around me. I started to eliminate the stress and start new. I think this is one large reason why I wanted to share my love of books to everyone. The book community really is like a family! I wanted to thank my fellow Book Nerds for reading my blog, sharing your love of reading and books with me, and just being awesome!

Thanks for making 2019 awesome for me. Now to make 2020 epic!

Happy reading, Book Nerds!

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