Review of “Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah

I am giving this novel a 4.5 rating but rounded up to a 5 towards the end of the novel!

I am going to start with how much I hate memoirs. But this was not your typical memoir luckily. It was full of wild stories from Trevor growing up in South Africa. It had laughs, history lessons, and serious moments. I was enthralled by his stories!

It is about Trevor Noah (most popular on his TV show “The Daily Show”) and his childhood. He grew up in apartheid South Africa. He was the son of a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother. His birth was literally a crime in South Africa as the title of the novel indicates. His stories of his childhood were at times mischievous but also serious at times.

The writing is great! It had a mix of history lessons for people who learning about South Africa is new to them. The stories were charming and humorous but also knew when things were serious. Overall, I would recommend this novel!

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